Binh Long banana farm

Banana is a strategic product accompanying the company’s development right from the early days of development. With an ever-expanding network of partners, Union Trading has invested in developing a banana farm to meet the needs of its partners in the most proactive and quality way possible.

Model of banana cultivation according to modern techniques

In May 2020, Union Trading signed a cooperation agreement with Binh Long rubber farm to alternate banana cultivation with the company’s rubber cultivation. By early July 2020, more than 50,000 first banana cultivars had been successfully propagated at Hon Quan farm, Binh Phuoc. The company has applied the banana farming model according to modern techniques with an automatic drip irrigation system to ensure a sufficient supply of water needed for plant growth.

Two months after the first sowing season, the company continued to sow the second batch with a quantity of 40,000 seeds. And it is expected that 9 months later will be the first harvest of the sowing of 50,000 plants.

Union’s banana farm is cultivated according to modern techniques, strict cultivation time to meet the standards of the most demanding markets in the world such as Japan, Korea, Europe.etc

Sustainable agricultural development

In addition to the goal of stable, long-term, and sustainable development to ensure the supply of high-quality products to demanding international markets, Union Trading also wishes to create stable, safe, and friendly jobs. charity for local farmers, in order to support farmers’ lives as well as improve the living standards of the locality where the company’s farm project is located.

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Binh Long banana farm